Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2003

Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2003

An interactive course on how to use Microsoft PowerPoint
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This is an interactive course on how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is one of the programs included in the Microsoft Office package. This program allows you to create slideshows to be used in presentations and conferences. With it, you can combine images, text, music, video, and animations in one file, which can then be saved, printed, or played.

This learning tool will show you, through real examples, how to use all the functionality PowerPoint offers, so that you make the most of it. More than one person can use the course - it will remember the individual progress of each user, and you will always have the chance to resume the course where you left it. Professor Teaches will inform you, at the beginning of each lesson, about the approximate time you will need to complete it, and will list the topics it will go through. It is also possible to search for a desired topic in the list, and take the respective lesson. During the whole course, you will be able to watch every process on your screen, and you will hear the voice of the teacher explaining everything. In order to complete each lesson, you will have to perform some actions to prove you have understood what you were taught.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It teaches you to handle all the tools you will need to use in PowerPoint


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